Course Description

Access all the resources you need to begin your journey with the College.  The pre-enrolment portal has the latest info on all our new courses, dates and locations worldwide, including Professional Diplomas.

M.D. (M.A.) M.H. F.G.N.I. D.O.

Hakim M. Salim Khan

Principal of College of Medicine and Healing Arts.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Beginning Your Journey with the College of Medicine and Healing Arts

    • 1. Welcome and Introduction

    • 2. Principal's Invitation Letter

    • 3. What Our Students Say

    • 4. Foundation in Natural Health

    • 5. Enrol Now in Leicester, UK (July 2020)

    • 6. Progression Routes After Foundation in Natural Health

    • 7. Diploma Programme: Dates + Fees

    • 8. Prospectus and Full Curriculum

    • 9. Student Handbook (inc. Assessment Criteria)

  • 2

    FREE Videos + Talks

    • Keep Taking the Rose Petal - Traditional Natural Medicine - BBC Documentary in 1985

    • Healthy Living in the Modern World - by M Salim Khan at Zaytuna College

    • Prophetic Medicine and Modern Diseases - by M Salim Khan at University of Auckland

  • 3

    FREE Articles + Mini-Course

    • [Article] Tibb: Whole-Person Healthcare & Medicine

    • [Article] Integrating Western and Eastern Herbal Medicine

    • [Mini-Course] The 7 Steps to Wholesome Living

  • 4

    Buy Books and Products

    • [Book] An Introduction to Islamic Medicine

    • [Book] The Golden Key to Discovering Yourself